Sunday, November 30, 2014

Toronto's new government

This article by the star outlines who will fill the seats.

In short, the new government looks a lot like the old government.

Only one, possibly two councillors are "too right-wing" for the new government, that is Rob Ford, and possibly Giorgio Mammoliti.

Missing is Norm Kelly, though as the article outlines, that may have been Kelly's own doing.

In addition are a few more moderate faces. This, however, looks a lot like Ford's original *quote* "cabinet" *quote*

I'd say that the end result is a step to the centre, but just by a notch. If Rob Ford was a 5 out of 5 for being right-wing, John Tory is a 4. He is certainly not the 3 he portrayed himself as, nor the 2 that some provincial Liberals hoped he would be.

Tory has decided to split his Deputy Mayor's team by area. Minnan-Wong, one of Ford's biggest backers, and one of the first to turn on him when the political opportunity presented itself, is now officially "the" Deputy Mayor. Minnan Wong had a 77% "term total" supporting Ford.

Crisanti, the "Etobicoke" Deputy Mayor has a 83% pro-Ford record, making him a staunch member of Ford Nation. Both McConnell (Old Toronto) and De Baeremaeker (Scarborough) however normally voted against Ford, with the former only voting with him 3% of the time, and the latter, 18% of the time.

Among the other key members...
Nunziata, Di Giorgio, Shiner, Palacio, Crawford, and Thompson are all known backers of Ford Nation, with at least a 71% record of backing Rob Ford.

Ainslie, Pasternak, Berardinetti, and Robinson are all "moderates", while they voted generally against Ford in 2014, the term totals for each is over 50% voting with Ford Nation.

Colle is another moderate who managed only 41%-42% backing of Ford.

Bailao, and McMahon, are both generally opposed to Ford Nation, with ratings between 18% and 31%.

Carroll is the only member that can be seen as "opposing" Rob Ford, reaching a low of 0.00% support in 2014.

However, Carroll, as Deputy Speaker, had an air of impartiality about her. Among the real opposition, that is, Doucette, Layton, Fletcher, Fragedakis, Mihevc, Davis, and Perks, not a single one made it into the "cabinet" 0 for 7 VS the 6 clear Ford backers Tory has decided to support.

In the end, this means not much changes. We see a slight step to the centre, but the same basic result. Gord Perks will remain the unofficial leader of the opposition, and Torontonians will wonder how this happened, and the wiser members of the community will begin to question if it's time to bring in municipal political parties so that when it's time to "throw the bums out" we know what bums need a tossing.

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