Thursday, January 3, 2013

Please tell me this isn't true, Ontario Liberals...

The same day I send in my delegate form, I see this rumour coming from Scott Tribe:
... [the Ontario Liberals] might pull the move the Federal Liberals tried a year ago, which is to say bloggers can come, but only if bloggers pay a 1000$ fee for the right to be an “observer”, and not given the accreditation as regular Mainstream media journalists are.
This is, of course, over the issue of whether or not bloggers can be accredited as media, in order to cover the leadership race later this month.

As he points out in another part of the post, the New Democrats had a hugely successful drive to get bloggers and new media to cover their leadership race, well received from all corners. After that, it seems like a very obvious no-brainer to accredit bloggers, after they've been verified and put through whatever hoops you desire.

As noted, I'm aiming to be a delegate for the convention, thus covering here on Blunt Objects isn't a problem. But there are so many other bloggers out there who aren't going to be delegates or are even members, who want to cover this race. From all stripes. Any coverage is good, after all, even if it comes from a Conservative.

There's no reason not to give bloggers their due as an up-and-coming new media, one that frankly could surpass traditional media very soon, with their paywalls and such. Open up the race to bloggers, Liberals.

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