Friday, February 10, 2017

"Do you think Kellie Leitch should have her own party?"

Such were the words of the illustrious Prime Minister of Canada and erstwhile leader of my Liberal Party, defending his government's failure to move on the electoral reform file from an upset constituent.

It's probably one of the most inane, cynical, and downright silly things PMJT has ever said - and he's said a lot of silly things.

Let's forgo the fact that Kellie Leitch may be about to run her own party come March, and if so will be elected with a ranked ballot system of proportional constituency sizes. That likely should have been the first thing to cross Mr. Trudeau's mind.

Let's also forgo the fact that Kellie Leitch could run her own party regardless of what system we elect our politicians with. Here's your daily reminder that there exists parties with fringe ideologies throughout Canada, and at times in the past they've been elected through first-past-the-post. While there is some downward pressure on these small parties because of the electoral system we use, it isn't overwhelming - Canada just has a relatively stable political climate, but not so stable that we don't have upheavals every decade or so, or did we collectively forget the 80s and 90s? All wins by Reform, the Confederation of Regions, Western Canada Concept and whatever else - all FPTP elections.

Finally, let's just move past the idea that Kellie Leitch is why the Liberal government gave up on electoral reform, we all know it's because it was too hard to do. :(

No, let's just focus on the fact that electoral reform isn't, and should never be, about keeping parties or ideologies from the House of Commons.

Reforming the political system should primarily be about ensuring the will of voters is heard loud and clear. FPTP elections distort the will of voters more than it represents said will, hence why it should be changed. It isn't and should not be about giving your party a leg up, or keeping another party down.

Why? Because if you can't defend your platform and ideology fairly, and instead rely on the tricks of the system to keep your opponents down, then your party is morally and ethically bankrupt.

I despise Trump, Le Pen, Leitch, and whoever else pushes nativist bullshit - but that doesn't mean I want to keep the voices of their voters out from the conversation. I want them to be heard, because clearly the establishment is missing something - and maybe in return, we'll get them to listen to our side. Even if they don't, they deserve a say just as much as the rest of us.

But clearly Mr. Trudeau doesn't share that belief. Utterly disheartening.


  1. the slim chance some poor legislation is enacted
    is pretty much balanced by the chance that some really great progressive legislation could come about in the same way.
    it is am elaborate self justinification from a party that believes it is the only moral high ground and cannot be improved upon
    and because we rejected his prefered ranked ballot as too much the same.

  2. Yes, all Canadians owe a deep debt of gratitude to the NDP for stopping the Liberals from legislating ranked ballots with the 'nuclear option': i.e., declaring that it would be an act of "political nuclear war."

    We wouldn't want to turn out like France and Australia that use runoff voting and have single-party eternal dictatorships! Those monstrous 'majoritarians'! Although cavemen voting produces a pretend democracy, it's WAY better than that kind of pretending!

    Yep, Dippers showed real brains opting to have the boot of First-Past-the-Post back upon their throats when they could've gotten out from under. Could've brought Bernie Sanders in 2019 and led a coalition government, like Layton would've in place of a Harper false majority back in 2011.

    So I'm grateful for what the NDP has done. (And boy did they ever do it! To themselves and everyone else!) I would reward them with my vote, except I refuse to be involved in an outrageous sham of a democracy. (It's more than just principle: in a pretend democracy the most you can hope to accomplish with your pretend vote is pretend change. Tear Up the Vote!)

    (BTW: it's funny watching Mulcair drive the party into all sorts of political landmines. Now I know why corporations show you straight to the door when they fire you. There are some real creeps out there.)