Sunday, March 27, 2016

Yurts #mbpoli


If there was ever a sign of how little hope Greg Selinger has of winning the ongoing election in Manitoba, it was with yesterday's key announcement of expanding yurt (and wi-fi) coverage across provincial parks.

Not that yurts aren't cool and all, and tourism isn't important, but in an election that should be about defining and defending the New Democrat legacy against the hordes of conservatism poised on the Legislature's door... yeah, yurts, that is what the media spent the day on.

Granted it is Easter and the messaging works out. It makes sense. Its just... "yurts," the very phrase is ridiculous to think about, and honestly it fits the Selinger and his government to a T.

 Meanwhile, Brian Pallister is eating his lunch and the Liberals are trying and, sadly, failing to be relevant. This election is so boring it yurts.

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