Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thoughts on #EarthHour

If you celebrate or commit to Earth Hour, dimming/turning off your lights and parring back your electricity use between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, good for you - participation is fun.

However, let's be honest that Earth Hour is just about the minimal you can do, and most don't even do it. There was a dip of 3.6% in Toronto's power usage during Earth Hour, a good amount to be sure but it won't be saving a polar bear anytime soon. It's a gesture, nothing more, and if you didn't participate then you've honestly done nothing more or less than anyone else in the grand scheme of things.

The same goes for the trolls online who say they're turning everything on to spite Earth Hour or castigate those on their phones saying they're going to participate because a phone is a powered product. The amusing part is that the only true effect of their trolling will be on themselves, considering that they pay their own electricity bills, not the people they're making fun of. Again it's simply a gesture, as is the stupid "Human Achievement Hour" which serves only as a parody and strawman of climate change deniers and nothing more.

So what is the point of Earth Hour? That is a good question. I like to imagine Earth You serving as a tool of awareness, rather than actual action, on climate change.

Or maybe it should not be about climate change alone, and simply as a reminder about the total impact human industry and technology has on the world around us. Even simply having the lights on to keep out the dark requires a steady flow of power, and while that is certainly an achievement it also has effects on everything from our local communities to the entire planet that we need to recognize and be concerned about.

Climate change or no, our everyday comfort comes at a price to the environment, and that is what is important to keep in mind. Forget your nitpicking over the use of phones or streetlights, because that misses the point entirely - Earth Hour is not going to save the planet, but it will hopefully remind us that we still have one and if we wish to continue to live on it, we need to be mindful of our impact.

Or maybe you can just be a child and yell at strangers on the internet about how they want us to go back to the dark ages. That seems much more productive honestly.


  1. The effect may be minimal but, participation-that is what it is after all, has its own rewards. Turning out the lights does do something; it demonstrates you or I could if we wanted find something to do that doesn't consume electricity for one hour a day. It is not much but, it is something-it is the right thing to do.

  2. So glad you're back, Kyle! I only started reading the blog again just now-I thought you'd hung it up permanently.

    I also love your recent post on Lauren Southern-like you said, this just gives Levant and his cronies more ammunition for their cause. On a more basic level, it suggests that Southern's political opponents can't come up with a better rebuttal to her points than to throw human waste on her. Because, if you have to resort to tactics like that, you've already lost the debate.

    All the best!

    1. Thanks Jared! I'm not posting as much as I used to, though honestly its been like that for awhile, my former co-blogger definitely posted a lot more during the last year. However, I can't keep my thoughts to myself for long, and this as always is the best way to release them.

      As to Southern, the thing is that her opponents (feminists I guess) do have perfectly reasonable arguments to counter with, but no one in that situation wants to debate, they just want to yell. The nice calm Southern then sidles up and confronts them, and the script writes itself.

      I wish more attention was paid to what the protesters were there for. The person Southern was schilling for is a known racist and bigot currently running for the Florida Senate as a third party candidate, despite his party (the Libertarians) disliking him - he's like Trump, just way less popular and successful. Southern's promotion of him was probably his biggest gig yet, however I didn't see much in the way of pointing out how an author from The Rebel was promoting the guy in Canada. Would it have even mattered though with what happened? Hm.