Friday, January 29, 2016

Erin O'Toole - the hint is in the name

What is the sound of one hand clapping, Mr. O'Toole?

 Former Veterans Affairs Minister and current Conservative Public Safety critic Erin O'Toole (Durham) wants you to know that Trudeau should respect Canada's diverse economy, and not champion some sectors and 'demoralize' others.

Hey, that's all well and fine, I just wish the Honourable Mr. O'Toole would relay such sage advice back to his leadership, colleagues, and base of support, who all seem intent on pushing the pipelines through the heads of every other interested party - kind of "championing" the issue, no?

Well, actually O'Toole does the same thing, but that's only in the House, where no one will see him.

I mean honestly, the HuffPo article is not a bad one, and it is exactly the sort of thing that the Conservatives need to write to reach out to voters like me (well, not like me, because I can see through the bullshit, mostly) - I'm a pipeline guy, I like digging up resources and pumping them every which way, hooray!

However, Mr. O'Toole and the other tools in the Conservative caucus and beyond are hoping people forget their government's own record, which did not respect the diversified economy and did not respect diverse opinions. They had to have their power threatened in order to pump any stimulus into the economy and save the manufacturing jobs threatened by the Great Recession, and the Harper government and previous provincial Alberta PC governments did not exactly give good examples of diversification, unless your definition of that word is ensuring the Ethical Oil™ goes to market no matter who we have to call terrorists to get it there.

Do not even get me started on this stupid Conservative obsession with Trudeau's neat little quip about being "resourceful." They act like the guy declared war on the oil sands, instead of, you know like Mr. O'Toole has said, promoting DIVERSITY in the economy, because diversity means more than just having pipelines up the wazoo.

The Conservatives have a long way to go to seem credible again, and honestly, they need better O'Tooles than this if they're going to succeed.


  1. .. last i looked, Energy East (TransCanada) was a former natural gas pipeline.. being retrofitted to heat and pump Alberta 'dilbit to tidewater' with over 90% being exported to the USA and China. Since the US of A no longer needs to import energy.. i guess its China bound.. and the tiny remainder will be turned to asphalt or gasoline.. The weeping and wailing of Joe Oliver, John Ivison (CTV), Kevin O'Leary, Ezra the Ethical et al is stupifying.. partisan, misleading and shallow. Why these same Big Energy pimps can't recognize that Alberta could refine on site and use existing pipeline to supply Canada and Canadians for decades to come simply reflects their ignorance and treachery.. Bah !

    1. Thats a good point as well; doesn't diversification mean looking at other ways to use our resources, like refining at home? Isn't that part of how we 'diversify'? Nary a peep from the Conservatives however.