Sunday, August 2, 2015

End of an Era, Beginning of a New One

It's time to finally lay to rest Blunt Objects.

I've had a lot of fun on this site, there is no doubt about that, but it is time I moved on. I'm not moving very far, mind you, but still - moving on.

I started this blog several years ago as an outlet for my burgeoning political ideas. It turned into that and more, introducing me to the wonderful world of polling and being able to swear publicly at the Prime Minister. I've had a lot of great posts on here... and some crappy ones, but at the end of the day, I wrote something, and I feel as if it was worth my time, and I hope it was worth yours as well.

I will no longer be writing on here, however. Its time to shut this blog down. I hope to keep it up as an archive, but if it goes on too long and I can't keep people from commenting on it or so on, I will eventually end up deleting it entirely - though I'll download all of it first. ;)

But, as I said, I'm not going far. I hope that some of my readers who may come across this site will visit my new blog at hopefully to have its own domain one day,  we'll see. What is this new blog, you probably aren't going to ask? Its a blog on historical Canadian elections, delving into the research on them and discussing what went down in some of the most crucial, yet overlooked, elections in history. I'll also probably delve into contemporary politics here and there as well, so if you ever miss my snark, come see it there.

Otherwise, its been great, and thank you to everyone who ever bothered to read my ramblings! I hope you got some worth out of it. I also want to thank my co-blogger Nick "Teddy" Boragina, who has moved away this summer but I hope will be back into the swing of things soon enough. Nick is an excellent writer and analyst, and when he does come back, I may do up another post here just so I can point you guys towards any projections he is doing.

Oh, and of course - good luck in #elxn42!


  1. Hey, sorry to see you go. I sure will keep asking you question on Twitter! And I'll check out your new blog.

    1. Thanks Bryan! Looking forward to seeing you around as well.