Thursday, July 2, 2015

Goodbye, for now

I'm minutes away from leaving Toronto, and wanted to make one last goodbye post. It may be my last post until August, or even September.

A few things to keep in mind until then

1 - The NDP was always "could win". That includes a Majority. All 3 parties remain "could win" a majority. and all 3 parties could be reduced to 40 or in some cases, fewer seats.

2 - The Greens could win 60 seats, the Bloc could win 50. Neither of these are terribly likely, but then again the NDP sweeping Quebec was not very likely 15 years ago.

3 - Things are wide open, don't let anyone scare you into doing X or Y because Z "is going" to happen.

And a few more "personal" things from the heart:

A - Good policy is one that does not forget the extreme cases. If your policy breaks down because of an unexpected or extreme case, your policy is sub-par.

B - In politics, there are no "good guys" and "bad guys". If you can not find something good to say about all 5 parties, and, all 5 leaders, you may be a partisan. You are if you also can not find anything bad to say about your own party and leader. Not just one, but both, the party, and the leader. Keep an open mind, and always listen to all opinions, even the crazy ones - especially the crazy ones.

C - Freedom means nothing without the freedom to screw up and make mistakes and do what is wrong. Why? Once someone defines for you what is "right" you lose your freedom.

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