Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm moving soon

Teddy here with a few personal notes.

First; remember to check the bottom of the post for who the author is. I've had a few posts I've made be confused with posts from Kyle.

Second; I've been given the runaround by just about everyone in the government who is supposedly supposed to help people like me (I have Autism). Apparently moving to a different region (LHIN and social support) is utter chaos. I was told to call Toronto ODSP, Toronto OW, Toronto ODSP, Simcoe ODSP, Simcoe OW, Simcoe ODSP, Toronto City Council, my current MPP, my new MPP, my new Town Council...

The core of the problem is a decision by this government to take financial help for moving out of the hands of ODSP. That, along with the repeated less-than-inflation rises in support, tells me this government does not give a flying **** about the needy in this province. I won't go into much greater detail; I do not intend to turn this into a personal gripe post, but  will simply say my chances of ever supporting the Ontario Liberals have dropped to near 0.

The only way, only way I am managing this move without being homeless* for a while is because I found a place so cheap that my benefit alone can cover both first and last.

* = One thing everyone agreed on, ODSP, OW, the MPPs, the Councillors; was that while support (for first and last month's rent) would be very difficult to access, they agreed that if I was homeless, I'd get help right away! I had planned to purposefully become homeless for a night to move things along.

Lastly; I'm moving! I don't know exactly when, but do know it will be next week. It could be as early as the 29th or as late as the 3rd as there are a few variables to nail down. My father, who is 70, will be driving in to the city for the first time in many years to help me move, and take me to a town near him; Penetanguishene.

Known as Penetang for short, the town is beside Midland, Ontario, which is north of Barrie and about equidistant from both Barrie and Orillia, in the Simcoe North riding.

Given the money problems, it is just about impossible I'll have the internet in my first month up there. I may not even have the money by the time my birthday rolls around in August. I'm half jokingly thinking about setting up a donation page to help Teddy get the internet! The problem is with that first month mountain, where you need to pay all those "installation fees" and the such.

Penetanguishene is a small town, with a population of around 9,000. How big is it? Well check out these two maps:
Oh, but I should mention that these maps are a bit out of date. From 1881, at the latest.
A more up-to-date map can be found here
As you can see, the town has not changed much in the past 134 years.

While I won't have internet at home, there is a Tim Hortons that will be my next door neighbour, (it has wifi) and a public library a few doors down. I should be able to make it online here and there, likely once a day, but do not want to make guarantees.

I will leave you with this.

This is an old Alternate History that I've worked on for quite some time. It's called "3 votes".

The premise is simple.
Back in 2003, the PC Party held it's final leadership race. In that, Scott Brison was eliminated early after Jim Prentice beat him by only 3 votes.

This alternate history looks at what would have happened if those 3 votes were reversed, and Brison had managed to stay on the ballot. I will point-form the rest of the story.

Brison manages to get a deal signed with David Orchard and thus win the leadership.

All else proceeds as normal up until the impending election

As in real life, the Liberals come out swinging against Harper and hit him hard, accusing him of a secret agenda.

However, with another "not-Liberal" party to vote for, and an alternative for right-wing voters, the PC Party starts to take off.

Without the major trust issues with a Harper lead Conservative Party, voters become more willing to consider voting PC. Thus real-world people who voted Liberal in 2004 to stop Harper, even though they were disgusted by the sponsorship scandal, are not forced to make the same decision in this alternate history.

As a result, the Liberal vote in each province is much closer to  1997 results, or, 2000 in the West, than to the real 2004 results. In addition, with an alternative that is not "Scary" (IE Harper) or "Unknown" (IE Layton) Quebec swings to the Tories as well.

Prime Minister Scott Brison.

Harper loses his own seat, and Chuck Strahl becomes Alliance leader, and forms a coalition with the Tories.

I hope that little story was a bit enjoyable, I know it's mostly just maps.

Sadly, along with all the other personal problems outlined, I'm suffering a severe abscessed tooth at the moment. I will try to post a few more interesting things in the coming days.


  1. Sorry to hear about the problems, Teddy, but good luck in the move!

  2. Good luck with everything. Being a severe ADHD sufferer (when you are getting medical treatment for it in the early 70s you know you had to be bad...LOL) with elements of both turrets and autism I can sympathize with your situation. I enjoy your posts along with Kyle's, and I have tried to make sure I don't miss which of you is the author. As to your alternate history, it underscores just how much decision points that affect the future of a nation or even the planet can rest on literally a few people's choices, or even just one. If Brison had won the PCPC Harper would never have made it to the PMO, pure and simple. Harper NEEDED a traitor like MacKay to get where he is today, and he needed it when he got it, his leadership at the CA was getting shakier, and support for the CA was dropping. If the PCPC had stayed active I am certain it would have been on the upswing while the CA lost support, even if MacKay had stayed in power so long as he actually stayed PCPC leader.

    So nice alternate history, and a very plausible on at that, pity it was not our actual history, we would have been far better off as a nation. For one thing I doubt we would be having the Americanization of our elections process with PACs that we are seeing, and the not just increased aggression but massive dumbing down of our political dialogue (Trudeau wants to consider diplomatic ties with Iran means he wants to be best friends with Iran, sheesh, I thought one of the main purposes of diplomacy and diplomats was to talk with our enemies and those we disagree with even more than our friends, but then I live in the reality based community, what do I know).

    In any event, good luck to you and may your move be as painless as possible.