Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Working Class

This is the first in a long series of posts I intend to make over this summer about the Working Class in Canada, it's impact on how we look at ourselves, on the economy, and on politics.

This first post will be short. I will begin by posting an image from a poll taken over a year ago by EKOS on this issue:

My own personal experience is that since the time of this poll, things have only gotten worse for the working class. I will therefore do some rounding.

The Upper Class likely would consist of 5% of the population.

The Poor, by my estimation, is 15%.

The Working Class, if my presumption about tough times is correct, is now up to 35%.

This leaves 45% for the Middle Class.

One important thing to keep in mind is this is a self-rated poll. It is how one sees themself.

Now, compare that to this graphic from the Liberal Party:

Keep in mind that the NDP's response to this was that they would be unwilling to increase the upper rate of income tax.

Over the course of the new few days, weeks, and months, I intend to show how these strategies by the main political parties - all three, the Liberals, Tories, and NDP - are failing to connect with Canadians, and pose a real challenge for them in the following election, as well as posing a real challenge to Canadians who see things getting worse and worse with no sign of anything better on the horizon.

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