Friday, May 29, 2015


Well, today we not only got the resignation of Peter MacKay, but also of his to-be Liberal opponent in Central Nova, veteran David MacLeod.

I'm not sure what to feel about the former Justice Minister/Defense Minister/PC Party Leader. I don't think I've ever particularly liked Peter MacKay, and in some respects the guy was a bumbling fool; but like Flaherty, Prentice, or Baird, its possible he played some sort of moderating role or conscience in a Cabinet that many claim is dominated by the Prime Minister. Harper has lost so many strong voices this year that its beginning to become a bit sad; at some point, the Conservative government may truly become just the party of one man and his personal sounding board. That's a dangerous situation to be in for any government.

At any rate, I wish MacKay the best. Maybe he'll come back in a few years time, post-Harper, and run for the leadership of the Conservative opposition. Let's just hope he doesn't make any "promises" on mergers again.

As for his hypothetical Liberal opponent (or the revelation of Etobicoke-Lakeshore's Liberal candidate, Susan Watt, resigning), I'm not at all surprised. The downside of the push for early nominations is that you get people who like the idea of being an election candidate, but when push comes to shove they're just not up to the task. We had a similar issue here in Burlington in 2009, when we had a nominated candidate who then backed out when it became clear that there would be no election that year. Don't believe the nonsense talk of "rats fleeing a sinking ship" - all parties go through this, and its better happening now rather than a few days before an election call.


  1. That's not why she left, from what I'm hearing it was over Liberal Support for Bill C-51 or Bill Blair the prince of carding. Also the star candiate they were trying to recruit to replace her isn't even going to vote Liberal this time.

    1. I've heard that rumour once, but its not been verified by anyone, anywhere, so until that changes then it remains just that - a rumour.

      Also, if you're talking about Jamie Maloney, you do know he is the current head of the FLA in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, right? If he isn't going to vote Liberal, he sure has a funny way of demonstrating it.

  2. MacKay is a weak minister. He is popular in his Nova Scotia riding where is father was MP back in the 70s and 80s. Probably a decent guy.

    He was just at the right place at the right time with the PC-Alliance merger back in 2003. After that he was popular nationally due to this relationship with Belinda Stronach. Did not accomplish much after that.

  3. Traitor MacKay, sold out his word to become the last PCPC leader as the "no merger" candidate, within three weeks enters into secret negotiations with Harper and the CA, sets up a system rigged to make it all but impossible for effective opposition to organize within the PCPC to stop the "merger", stacks the decks to make sure it happens and in so doing and hands first the Conservative name and legacy and then the nation itself to Harper, the Destroyer and Salter of the Scorched Earth. I have no good words to say about this treacherous dog, whose decisions he thought were aiding his future and instead not only destroyed his leadership/PM chances likely for life (if you think I am the only one that holds a grudge about MacKay, I really doubt it) but sold out the country to a radical extremist wannabe American right winger of one of the worst kinds, a Straussian, soul mate to Dick Cheney. THAT is his true legacy, and nothing he did while in this government can ever offset even slightly that in my books. Not that I think he really did have any real power beyond the figurehead appearance as a co-founder and representative supposedly of the more Red Tory side of the party, what little there ever was of it left once the Harper purging began.

    As a fellow Bluenoser I find his actions disgraced our culture and heritage. I had my issues with his father at times, but I knew him to be a honourable man despite that. The son, well honourable is about the last word that can be fairly said of him given his actions and choices. His choices are a large part of the reason my region is siding so strongly with Libs these days, yet another one of his legacies.

    Short of Harper himself I loathe MacKay the most in the federal conservative scene politically. I will not pretend otherwise, nor do
    I feel I should given his actions did more to destroy what made this a wonderful nation than decades of the Quebecois Separatists. Way to go there Peter...

  4. Andrew Coyne's piece in the National Post basically blew my opinion of the man out of the water, and describes the sad career of Peter MacKay perfectly - the hollow shell of it anyway. Give it a read if you haven't: