Thursday, April 2, 2015

Working on new maps - looking for feedback

I've been redesigning the maps I made last year. I made a few important changes, and a few minor changes, and am looking for feedback on other changes.

1 - I've changed the colour template. The original idea was to have a single template that would always work, but the more I try to apply these colours to different situations the more I see how this is not feasible. Therefore, I've simply included colours for the 6 parties with MPs.

2 - I've made the maps physically smaller. They were originally designed to all be the same size, however, I realize that the smaller they are the better.

3 - I'd like some feedback on name changes. Some ridings have changed their name, and normally, a few do between elections as well, especially if new MPs are elected.

Some riding names, especially in Quebec, are very long. Should I shorten them in order to fit? Should I use a smaller font for the longer ones, even if it's harder to read? Should I change the names to match with the new names, even if this makes the numbers no longer alphabetical?

My thoughts are as follows

A - Cut off the longer names. If a riding name is, for impossible example, Manhattan-Queens-Kings-Richmond-Bronx could be shorten to Manhattan-Q-K-R-B or Manhattan-Queens-Et Al.

B - Change to new names, but keep the numbers as-is (for the time being)
One reason I use numbers in order is it makes it easy to find the ridings in official reports on riding results.

Here are the maps.
Note the colours mean nothing! I was simply playing around, this is not a prediction, projection, or anything else.


  1. I think we can trust your judgment here, I simply want to thank you for your efforts which provide a visual representation of what is going on and is very helpful in that regard. Thanks Guys

  2. I think where possible the full name of a riding should be kept. But that said, some ridings do have stupidly long names. I'd go with shorting them.

  3. This generally matches my thoughts. I will try to keep the number of "too long" riding names below a grand total of 10, and ideally, below 5.

  4. I think you are being too generous to the NDP in Quebec-they're only retaining 2/3 of their 2011 vote and in Vancouver for both the Grits and NDP. 33 seats for the NDP in Quebec seems awfully high especially when the Tories are at 23% in the polls. As Brian Mulroney said the other day "all French Canadians are nationalists". I believe you have underestimated the Conservative seat total in Quebec which with current polling numbers could be as high as 20/30 seats.

    Surrey Newton is more likely to go Tory or Dipper than Liberal, although much will depend on the candidates, and Burnaby-North Seymour leans Conservative or even Liberal before NDP, of course this is a new riding so I understand it is difficult to "get one's bearings". Your prediction that the Dippers will get three seats in Edmonton is optomistic I know recent polls have been good to the NDP in Edmonton but, those three ridings are very suburban/rural. Edmonton-Greisbach is probably leaning NDP at the moment but, I think Sherwood Park is a long shot.

  5. Sorry Edmonton Manning which includes the municipality of Sherwood park.