Thursday, April 2, 2015

PEI election

PEI will be having an election, very shortly.

Not much commentary at this juncture; however we may also see an election in Alberta very soon, and (very very low chances) a surprise federal election.

Edited to add.
Fun fact, none of the 5 registered party leaders hold a seat in the legislature at this time


  1. I know conventional wisdom says Prentice will head to the polls shortly but, the last poll which you posted raises serious doubt in my mind. With the PCs and WR tied and a seat count projecting a minority government, I would bet Prentice (who has a year left before he must call a vote) will wait in the hope polls and the economy improve.


      And I never posted any recent polls.

    2. The poll that Kyle posted I guess on March 31st.

      Thanks for the link looks interesting.

    3. the webpages are all ready
      but, I've not yet penned in the date on my calendar.

    4. According to the Elections Act the 28th day after the issuing of the writs shall be election day, by, my counting that brings me to May 6th!!