Saturday, March 28, 2015

New South Wales - Results

The election is wrapping up and the last ballots are being counted.

The biggest 'surprise' of the night was the Greens did very well. The party now holds two additional seats, in the North-West corner of the State. Two Independents were re-elected, bringing the number of seats from a party not in the big two up to 6.

Some seats are still too close to call, but it appears as though Labor has won 34 seats, while the Coalition has picked up 53 for a solid majority government. Within the Coalition, the Nationals hold 16, and the Liberals hold 37.

While 2PP results are not out yet, this appears close to 57% to 43%, which, while a healthy gain for Labor, is not as much as was expected.

In the end, 12 Liberal seats appear to have fallen to Labor, and 2 National seats to the Greens.

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