Thursday, March 5, 2015

Liberals Rule; in the Atlantic.

Corporate Research Associates put out a new set of provincial polls.

L 56
P 31
N 13

L 58
P 26
N 12
G 4

L 58
P 20
N 18
G 3

L 54
P 27
G 10
N 9

The simple story is the Liberals are doing very well in all 4 provinces. 

In general, things are pretty consistent across all 4 provinces. The NDP is a bit stronger in Nova Scotia, taking support from the Tories, while the Greens are stronger in New Brunswick, taking support from the NDP. 

While it might sound odd for NDP-PC voters to exist, they do, in particular in provinces with Liberal governments. There are, simply, people who want to get rid of the government and care much more about that than they do who replaces them. 

There is not really much more to say about any of this just yet. 

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  1. In Atlantic Canada, with the exception of Nova Scotia, the Liberal Party is often to the right of the PCs. This is certainly the case in Newfoundland. Contrast the past Liberal governments with Williams'. Past Liberal provincial governments in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have been as right-wing as any in Canada. Considering that, the existence of PC-NDP leaners is not surprising.