Thursday, February 12, 2015

The End of an Era of Television This Week

He gave us hilarious moments, oft-repeated commentary on the major social issues of the day, and riled his opponents in a way that no other television personality could.

Goodbye, and good luck in your future endeavours, Ezra Levant. May no other news network give you the opportunity to speak your vile lies or have to foot the bill for your many lawsuits... though I know someone will, somewhere. In that case, I look forward to my next boycott.

RIP The Source, 2011-2015, may you forever be fodder.

Anyway, I do hope those working at Sun News who aren't crazy do find alternate employment, losing a job sucks - I say that despite my initial reaction of ghoulish glee. Legitimate journalists, technicians, and so on should be welcomed by other outlets, so we can grow our media's diversity without being ridiculous about it.

It is a shame that we're going to lose a media voice - conservative voices do deserve an outlet just as anyone else, though I find the fascination with ghettoizing our media to be ridiculous as it is.

However, I stand by my refusal to endorse the legitimacy of people who espouse viewpoints that are just simply not factual, are dangerous, or are purposeful twistings of the truth - Ezra Levant is the example we all know, as is Brian Lilley or, the person I consider the worst among them, Michael Coren. Good riddance to those folk, and I refuse to feel sorry for them because they aren't going to struggle to find another job. They're big household names (well, I say "household names" though clearly they didn't get into very many...) and have enough supporters to get in somewhere. Support those that aren't going to have such an easy time of it, and have to put up with the stench of Sun News' carcass on their resume.

Just to note as well, I'd say the same thing about a left-leaning anchor, or anyone I think is a danger to people - Jenny McCarthy and her lies about vaccines which have probably cost people their lives, for instance.

But as I said, good luck to those of you who aren't among that group, and hey, maybe a channel like Sun News could work in the future if it didn't cause me, and apparently many others, to turn off the TV rather than watch that crap.


  1. "Those working at Sun News who aren't crazy" have had more than a year to get their shit together and bail. That's how long the writing has been on the wall. Anyone who stayed out of loyalty to Sun News doesn't fit your definition. I watched Ezra's and Michael Coren's (final) show tonight just to remind myself why any sentient Canadian would not mourn Sun TV's long overdue demise. BTW, I've had to pay for the privilege because equally rightwing Shaw Cable put them on the menu. I wasn't even able to get Shaw to delete it from my lineup because it was part of a "bundle."

  2. This just in. Sun viewership numbers have not changed.

  3. So much for "Fox News North". And there are actually disillusioned people that think Sun News Network would have succeeded if it had equal footing with the CBC or CTV. It is simply not a product that most Canadians wanted - including loyal Conservative voters. Conservatives have plenty of voices in most mainstream media outlets, both TV and print.

    Sun News is obnoxious, overdramatic and at times contradictory to its own values. It had low production values and a poor selection of hosts.

    This YouTube video perfectly summarizes the network! A mere 3 or 4 days after Layton's passing.

    Unfortunately, I think the company culture of Sun News is not all that appealing for other media organizations. This might make it difficult for some of them to seek employment elsewhere.