Saturday, February 28, 2015

PEI Update

Rob Lantz, who I indicated would be the only other possible winner (beyond Aylward) has managed to win.

I am still honestly surprised, but, listening to some of the convention live, I do understand why they picked him. He is a better speaker than Aylward is.

There does not appear to be any official counts, at least, none that I can find.

There are a few interesting developments out of this

1 - Lantz is running in District 13.
This is where Ghiz is, and where MacLauchlan was expected to run.

2 - The win is not fully expected
Lantz might also be able to win the election

3 - Lantz is a right-winger
Not extreme by any means, but for PEI, clearly, this does not fit in with the traditional centrist mishmash.

Nothing much more to say just yet, but it does making the coming election a bit more interesting.


  1. This definitely creates an interesting dynamic in our smallest province. We now have four new leaders for all four parties, and arguably all of them have a chance to be a surprise success in an election. I confess I don't know much about MacLauchlan to say whether he can fend off Lantz in terms of fighting for the government, or even challenges in particular ridings from the NDP and Greens. Does he have the stuff to be a political leader like This?

    1. Like Ghiz*, autocorrect gets me every time.

    2. The PC Party had a huge hit in the term, falling to 3rd in the polls, losing their leader, etc. Beyond that there is no reason the Liberals should lose, they are doing alright, their new leader is of an alright popularity level. They are not hotcakes popular, but there is no overt reason to toss them.

      Given that I still maintain the Liberals will take at least 20 seats. If Lantz can win 7 or more, that speaks well of him, and, he should be able to win the following election regardless.