Saturday, February 14, 2015

Goddamnit, Toronto Star

Forum Research did a poll up for the Toronto Star, testing the political waters in Eglinton-Lawrence with Eve Adams on the ballot. The result was a healthy lead for current Con MP and Finance Minister Joe Oliver at 49% to 28% for Adams in the riding, along with inconsequential NDP and Green numbers. It was a poll of over 1,000 people, so on and so forth.

Then they did some approval/disapprovals for Oliver, Adams, and E-L MPP Mike Colle, who has been quite vocal against Adams, though he has no intention of running federally himself. Despite that fact, they also tested out a scenario where Colle was the fedeal Liberal candidate, and he won versus Oliver 46% to 41%, and commented that Colle would have been a better candidate to poach than Adams (guffaw).

Have you noticed the problem, yet? Let me introduce you to him.

Marco Mendicino has been running for the nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence for months, and as far as I or anyone else knows will continue to run for the nomination against Eve Adams. So where the hell is he on this hypothetical ballot? Why don't we see his numbers?

Oh, of course, nevermind - mentioning that Mendicino is still around, could likely win, and this whole thing is useless wouldn't do much to help the "Trudeau is imposing Adams on everyone and will lose because of her" narrative. Lord knows we can't have narrative-deflating truths in modern media.

I think I'm starting to dislike the Toronto Star, though this article didn't actually start that trend - that head-desking HPV vaccine article and the general employment of Heather Mallick did. Sigh.


  1. Very different result than what @308dotcom is saying.

    Hey here's an idea...let's wait for an actual election to be called, and in the meantime, let's work to make sure Canadians are registered to exercise their franchise.

  2. Mallick and Ezra Levant should start their own show.

    They can call it "Bullshit"

  3. I usually enjoy the Star slightly more than the Globe (cause of Wente) and the Post - but I agree this article is a little puzzling.

    The Star needs to "chill" with these Forum riding polls. This was clearly done to get some clicks. We know how many times Forum has gotten riding polls wrong.

    The media needs to "chill" on speculating the implications of the Eve Adams crossing the floor and its electoral prospects on the LPC and CPC. By springtime we would have forgotten about Eve Adams.

    Actually, the Canadian media needs to stop analyzing every insignificant political move and what it means to the upcoming federal election. For example, the electorate does not care about Justin Trudeau's "whip out the CF-18s" comment. Not sure why the media blew that one up. Would not be surprised if the Toronto Star paid Forum to do a poll on whether people thought the comment was appropriate or not.