Saturday, January 31, 2015

Queensland Live

For those awake this early Saturday, you will likely know my calculations in the previous post about time zones mixed up AM and PM.

However, the good news is that this means those of you who like getting up before the sun can watch the election live!

Here is a screengrab I made from earlier

One thing the keen eyed readers might notice is how little blue there is in Brisbane compared to my earlier predictions. Labor has done very well. Currently there are 3 Independents leading, and the LNP and Labor are tied at 39, with 8 seats too close to call.

Labor might win this, or, we might end up with a hung parliament (minority government)
One thing that is fairly clear is that Campbell Newman has indeed lost his seat, as predicted.

If you like watching close elections, I encourage you to watch! I for one always enjoy seeing how other countries cover their elections.

Keep in mind this is Australia's summer. It was 36C in Brisbane today, and 38 in Cairns. This is before any Humidex is calculated.

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