Sunday, December 14, 2014

Japan results

This election did not change much, it seems, when all the ballots have been counted.

The Governing LDP has taken 290 seats, down from 294 in the last election. It's coalition partner, Komeito, has taken 35, up from 31.

The main opposition party, the DPJ, has gone from 57 seats in the last election to 73 now; while the third party, after a de-merger, has gone from a former total of 54 seats, to a new total of 41.

The biggest changes are with the smaller parties. Your Party, which took 18 seats last time, did not win a single seat. In fact, the party itself disbanded due to a disagreement about which side to sit on, pro or anti government. 

The Tomorrow party is also no more, with many of it's members and supporters eventually finding their way into the Peoples Life Party. A direct comparison has the party at 9 seats last election, compared to 2 this time.

Future Generations, which is the other half of the split with the JRP, has managed 2 seats. This puts the two former JRP parties at 43, down from 54. 

The Social Democrats have taken 2 seats, This is the worst result for the party in it's history. This party, formerly known as the Socialist party, had at one time been able to take a third of the vote in Japan. 

The biggest winner in terms of a share of seat gains was the Communist Party. Going from 8 seats last election, the party now holds 21, including a win on a FPTP seat, their first of the kind in over a decade. 

Scroll down to see the results by region and prefecture.
As you can see, the 5 major parties; the LDP, DPJ, JIP, NKP, and JCP have taken seats in each region's proportional bloc. This will give all 5 parties a nationwide caucus in the Diet. 

The LDP did very well in almost very prefecture; it's only trouble spots were Aichi (central Japan), Osaka (home of JIP leader), Hyogo (near osaka), Iwate (near fukushima), and Okinawa (Island with many US military bases), where they failed to get any seats.

The LDP did very well in the FPTP seats, winning 222 compared to 73 for all the other parties combined.

Proportionally the party took 68 of the 180 seats, or, 38%
DPJ took 35, JIP 30, NKP 26, and the Communists took 20. The only other party to win a proportional seat was the Social Democrats. 

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