Monday, October 27, 2014

Remember to vote, and updates

I hope everyone who follows this blog who can vote today has already done so. Those who have yet to, I hope you do so soon, even if you simply submit an empty ballot.

I've voted for Morgan Baskin. I am unconvinced she could do any worse than the "big 3" candidates. I also want to encourage her to stick with politics as we need more people like her.

As for updates.

In Tunisia, the Liberals (Nidaa) have secured a victory. The Islamists have conceded defeat.

In Ukraine, now that more votes are in, I've updated the results. With 75% of the vote in, things stand as follows:

As noted in the graphic, the Front and the President's party are setting up for a coalition government.

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  1. So, why do the ridings not match with reported results? I can't fully figure that out. Somewhere between 75% of all votes in and 99% about 100 ridings flipped from parties to independents.

    The best I can figure is the results I was looking at were not infact riding results, but rather, PR results by riding.