Monday, October 6, 2014

PKP to be next PQ leader?

I threw together a simple graphic based on a recent Leger poll in Quebec about the PQ leadership. For those not following the race very close, I thought this graphic might help explain the situation. This is among PQ supporters.

The #2 to PKP is Aussant, who if you recall, quit the party and lead the ON. When your principal opposition comes from someone who currently lives in the UK because he could not find a job in Quebec, you know you have a "wide margin" over the field.

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  1. I'm not a separatist but, if I were I would question whether PKP is able to take on the role of leader of the separatist movement. Is he able to divest himself of interests that may be contrary to the goal of independence? Can he really be "100%" in favour of independence when such a result is likely to cause him a great loss of money (at least on paper) in the short term? Can he be 100% in favour of separation when to grow his business may require greater integration within the Canadian market or the loss of subsidies and tax benefits?

    If you're a pequiste who wants a leader with a good chance at winning office and governing in a fiscally responsible business savy manner PKP is probably your man. If you're a pequiste who wants a leader to bring independence to Quebec I would think long and hard about supporting PKP.