Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland results and ugly map

I've coloured this map in a very interesting way.

Dark Green are areas that voted YES

Light Green are areas that voted NO, but under the Scotland-wide average.

Light Red are areas that voted NO

Dark Red are areas that voted NO, but are one "gap" away.

Scotland voted 55.3% no to 44.7% yes, slightly off from my prediction of 57%-43%.

This makes for a gap of 5.3% from 50%. The Dark Reds are those that are 5.3% beyond this the other way, or, areas won by NO at at least 60.6%.

This helps see where the real divide is (since NO won convincingly) as well as what the map might have looked like had YES won with 55.3%.

This will likely be something people will look at in 15 years at the next Scottish Referendum. This recent one played out quite like the 1980 Quebec referendum. If the next one plays out like 1995, with the YES side gaining 10 points, the UK's days may yet be numbered.

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