Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More on Toronto

I created a Toronto "Electomatic" - though warning, it's of limited use since the mayor's race is a city-wide winner-take-all and the individual ward results do not matter.

What is interesting is the map it produces:

What I find most interesting is there are 3 wards that will vote for John Tory that are all currently held by huge Ford Nation members. These are highlighted in light-Green.

Kyle and I are discussing the possibility of endorsements for City Council in Toronto; if we do go that route, one thing I want to see, is a focus on those wards where a bit more effort can knock off a Ford enabler. While we've not decided anything in these 3 wards just yet, it's a good place to look if you are itching for action.


  1. How does Toronto Danforth, a strong NDP area, go Tory while the more Liberal Davenport goes to Chow?

  2. May I ask what polls or sources you are using for this? For example, Ward 17 you have as a Chow district, but in 2010 it went for Ford with 41% over Smitherman at 30% and Pantalone at 20%.

  3. Ward 34 incumbent Denzil Minnan-Wong isn't a Ford supporter. He was one of the first right-wingers to openly oppose Ford and even mused the idea of running against him.

  4. I used the same math the ElectoMatic uses, based on Ford, Smitherman, and Pantalone.

    As for Minnan-Wong, he only turned on Ford when he became absolutely toxic in the media, he is one of the most self serving councillors on council, and one of the people most deserving to be tossed, along with people like Shiner and Mammoliti.