Thursday, June 12, 2014

What to watch for tonight.

Polls close at 9pm.

At 9:10 we should start to see the first results.
By 9:25 we should have enough early results to get a good picture of what is going on.
By 9:55 we should know what the final results will, in general, look like.
By 10:30 we should know the results in 80 ridings for sure.
By 12:00 the media will probably head off for the night, about 7 or so ridings will still be too close to call.

The Liberals should win the popular vote.

If the Tories are ahead it means trouble for the Liberals.

The NDP should end with a lower share of the vote than they took last time. If the NDP is at 20% that's good news for the Liberals, if they are at 30%, that's bad news.

The Greens are not expected to win anywhere. If they win it means voters are upset at the 3 main parties.

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