Friday, June 20, 2014

EU election "results"

The members elected have not changed, but the groups they will sit in have changed.

This is the current "results" of the election.

Some important changes:

This presumes a Bulgarian party will sith with FN; this is yet to be confirmed.
M5S has decided to sit with UKIP.
One FN member has defected to UKIP's group.
A grand total of 10 parties that were not part of ACER before, are now, including AfD from Germany.

Also to note, of the 12 Independents...
2 are Stalinists from the Greek communist party.
3 are from Golden Dawn, 3 from Jobbik, and 1 from the NPD. All 3 of these parties were judged "too racist" to sit with FN.
1 is from a left German party; it is likely to find a group.
1 is from an Independent from Romania, a moderate, who is likely to find a group.
The last, who may end up the only sane person left in the NI group, is from the DUP in Northern Ireland.

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