Friday, April 4, 2014

Quebec Penultimate Prediction

A fresh poll by Ekos confirms the existing trends.
With that I've been able to *almost* finalize the prediction map.

The PQ is below my worst expectations. Beyond that however, nothing much has changed since the last analysis. The PQ is fighting desperately, saying they'll cut taxes, and playing a game of "Rob Ford: you never specifically asked me this question" to explain why it has not come up until now.

There is one more poll due to come out, possibly two. Unless either of them show a change, I will likely repost the *almost* final map, with the word almost removed, and make that my official prediction for this election.

As a side note, I want to take this opportunity to note that I find it a disgusting practice to Purposefully go out of your way to hide the polling numbers behind a paywall.

As you already know, I suffer from Autism. As you may not know, this means I am on disability because of the difficulty in getting and holding a job that having autism brings. After rent, shared expenses with my roommate, my cell phone and my shared bus pass, I have very little left. With so little, and with the troubles that normally come with autism, I've been unable to manage my own finances properly; especially because of the issues I have with food.

Just today I got my first delivery of meals on wheels, which will do far more for me and my life than I can explain in a simple few sentences. After the cost of this is added to my budget, I have a grand total of $150 with which to pay back the some $45,000 in debt I've racked up so far (mostly due to my struggles before my diagnosis) and on top of that, buy medicines (tylenol) clothing, and any food that I may desire so that I can have more than one frozen meal a day.

I really did not expect, while waiting for the EKOS poll, to be reminded, full force, of the crappy things in my life by being locked out of simple democratic information - something that I do believe is my right as a Canadian.

Since I'm fortunate enough to be co-blogger here at Blunt Objects, I thought the last I could do is bring attention to this growing practice and hope that it encourages you and others to apply the needed pressure to get it to stop.

Cut off your paywall after the topline numbers. Not before.


  1. Note that I don't blame Ekos. @voiceoffranky was very kind and somewhat supportive as I ranted at him and swore on twitter. I blame ipolitics, which has done this many times before.

  2. The numbers were reposted here:

    1. Thank you; I'll keep my eyes open for media repostings next time. I had not thought to look at another media website; though I was pretty steamed at the time, so my thinking was not 100%.