Monday, April 7, 2014

Media lines to watch for tonight and tomorrow morning.

After years of watching elections, and the media coverage that follows, I have begun to get a very good idea of the things that are said, and am able to, thus, predict them in advance. I will share with you some media lines I expect to be used tonight, followed by things to keep in mind.

"Nobody expected Marois to face such a strong challenge in her own riding..."
Teddy did, as did anyone else running the math based on the polls.

"Some thought the CAQ would be wiped out..."
2 weeks ago, but not since then.

To a PQ supporter "Do you think the Referendum talk (hurt you)" "Yes, I do..."
No. You were hurt by the fact that people did not fear a Liberal majority; your campaign depended on them doing so.

"It's the intermission in the hockey game, as we go to other news. Philippe Couillard and his Liberals will form a majority government in Quebec. Couillard defeated Pauline Marois' Parti Quebecois. Marois is leading/trailing in her own seat but is facing a tough battle from her Liberal opponent."
And much of the PQ weakness is thanks to the CAQ.

On the Liberals topping 70 seats "I don't think anybody saw this coming"
Except everyone who ran the numbers.

"...projects a Liberal Majority government" (cut to scene of Lib HQ) "The last time we called an election in Quebec this fast..."
Was Charest in 2003. That's only a few elections ago, not really "way back" when material.

"What do you think this means for the Bloc Quebecois?" "This is a provincial election..."
It means the Bloc will have to fight to win even 1 seat in 2015.

Someone makes the connection between NDP and CAQ vote patterns. ", the NDP and CAQ are very different parties..."
Except yes. Poll show most NDP voters are CAQ voters, and, most CAQ voters are NDP voters.

Other things to look for

The only mention of the 3 medium sized parties (ON, Greens, Conservatives) will be either in relation to local factors (like Mr. Edge, or Aussant; or if one of them is in third) otherwise the media will pretend they do not exist.

La Piniere will be shown over and over, even if/when the result is quite clear.

They will accurately say PKP's defeat, should he lose (and he should) may spell the end of his media career as well.

Either Legault or David will have their speeches cut short by the media; possibly because the other one is about to speak. Just a hunch on this one.

And lastly, they will push way too hard to get people to tweet them.

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