Thursday, March 27, 2014

Teddy's Projection - Canada

Last Sunday, as a bonus, I put out a Canadian prediction; since I had put out a Quebec prediction after the Debate.

Due to feedback on my prediction, I decided to put out a projection today; in response to the Quebec Debate. This may seem backwards, but keep in mind, this Sunday I'll be releasing my penultimate prediction for the Quebec election.

To avoid any controversy, I used someone elses numbers; in this case, the Poll average as calculated by 308 dot com

The following maps simply use these numbers. The only adjustments are to ridings where I felt adjustments were needed; Outremont, for example, where a Party Leader is running this time, but no Party Leader ran last time, and Portneuf, where the Tories did not run.

The results are as follows.

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  1. I preferred your last projection when Burlington was red.