Monday, March 31, 2014

Quebec Sunday Prediction - on Monday!

I had hoped that waiting another day would add another poll, but not so.

Thus I do not have many words for you today. Things generally stand as they have stood for a while, with the Liberals ahead. The big change is the most recent debate, where Couillard faced tough attacks.

It's difficult, however, to know who won or lost the debate.

Read these articles, posted just after the 2011 French debate.

In retrospect - especially if you look at polls in Quebec and mark the date of the debate - it is very clear what really happened in the debate is Layton smashed the Liberals and killed the Bloc. None of the articles, however, say this.

How people react, long-term, to debates is frequently not in line with how they react in the short term.

Regardless, the general consensus, for now, is Coillard came out of the debate weaker than he went in; thus today's prediction is for another bare-bones Liberal majority.

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