Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elections around the world

First, a little teaser, based on the reaction I've seen, so far, to the Debate (which just ended) in Quebec.

Marois, from what I can tell, had a terrible debate. This map reflects that. It presumes PQ vote will bleed off to all 3 other parties.


Two elections were held in States of Australia.

In South Australia two Independents were elected. This is important because Labor took 23 seats, while the Liberals took 22. The Liberals, however, have taken more votes. One of the Independents leans to the left, the other to the right; so how this plays out will be interesting.

The other was in Tasmania.
I spoke about this in an earlier post.
The end result (2 seats still yet to declare) are very close to my prediction. My prediction, when adjusted against trends, was as follows:
The final seat in Braddon and Lyons has yet to declare, but it appears as though things will end up exactly as shown in the image above.

Interestingly, in Western Australia, next month, we will have a Mulligan Election, to redo a botched one. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.


  1. I apologize that the "world" in this post turns out to be Australia. I had planned on more about the EU and Serbian elections, but they didn't quite fit (IE, I couldn't make them short enough to not overwhelm the post)

  2. I also want to clarify that the prediction above was intended to show what would happen if the current trend (IE the way-out-there poll showing the Liberals at 45%) continues

    1. The more hours since the debate, the less of a consensus that "Marois lost". We'll see from the polls that come out.