Sunday, December 22, 2013

Man the defences, the War on Christmas is here!

While Fox News and various conservatives down south of the border rail on about a supposed decades-old war on the Christmas, up here in Canada we never seemed, at least in my experience, to care. That is either because most Canadians recognise the pluralistic nature of our state, or because frankly everyone just says Christmas anyways. Stores, government, or individual persons generally put out the materialistic signs of Christmas because that's just what happens here, and if you're from another culture or the adherent of a religion that does not celebrate Christmas, we seem generally stable enough, unlike many fanatical folks from down south, to tell them to enjoy the holiday season in whatever way they choose.

So of course, leave it up to our friends in both the Conservatives and amusingly enough the NDP (who Montreal Simon left out, but its in the original, sub-only Globe article, with Alexandre Boulerice attacking the government over a low-level civil servant directive to not put up decorations) to try and import the "war" up here.

It's another great cynical the ploy. Whether from Boulerice or Tim Uppal, our Multiculturalism minister, the attempt to play up that there is some version of this false war going on is aimed at throwing mud - any mud, from any pile - on their enemies and some good ol' fashioned dog-whistle politicking. How is that polarization working out for you?

The worst part of it is the fact that members of our legislator shouldn't be talking about this. Its a side issue at best, a waste of Hansard ink at worst. Especially so when there are so many more serious and pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that many of those people our government wants us to wish a Merry Christmas to can barely afford the house they're living in.

Davis Sweet, whose riding I have the unfortunate pleasure of being next to, wastes people time when he asks if "saying Merry Christmas is offensive." Not only does no one care except only the most fanatical of people, who generally don't get outside of their own groups anyways, but why the hell is he asking the government to clarify what I should or should not be offended by? Why does the government feel it has a right to tell me who to be merry to? Go away and work on real problems.

Some wonder why people think our politicians and government are a joke. Wonder no longer, as the inevitable Defend Christmas! talking points come forth out of CPC headquarters and Sun News, who just got their own Christmas gift courtesy of the Conservative government as well.

For me, just for one Christmas in the past seven years, I would like a government that didn't treat me like pliable dough ready for their attempts at social engineering. Just one, guys, that's all I ask.


  1. If you (the reader) want a government to stop treating you like an idiot, you need to stop being an idiot at the polls, and stop electing idiots to Parliament.

  2. It is your blog and you can write what you want, however, may I remind you the Liberal party became the third party in Parliament because of their arrogance while in government. Comments such as the one above do not help the Liberal party (in fact they do the exact opposite) and reinforces voters' perceptions that Liberals are arrogant, elitist and do not work for nor trust the people. This idea that the Liberals or any party knows better than the people is pure folly. Political parties and politicians are servants of the people not the other way round.

    1. I never said anywhere that the Liberal Party, or any party, knows better than "the people."