Thursday, December 12, 2013

Graphics, Maps, and the Colourblind

One concern of mine, always in the back of my head, is it the things I do are accessible. I make a lot of maps; that's kind of "Teddy's Thing" around here, but I always fear that the colourblind are unable to enjoy them.

I've been tweaking the colours of my map. Using the new Riding by Riding poll in Montreal I updated the map. You'll notice two things in the image below.

First, I've redone the palette for the map. I've switched Green with "Other 1*" as the latter includes parties like Wildrose, Social Credit, Reform; all of which have won more seats than the Greens. This will make historical maps look far better than otherwise.

Second, I'm proud to announce after some testing I now have a colourblind friendly palette. The two maps are below:

If you are colourblind please let me know if this palette works for you. This map may help, its the 1957 federal election. It has more colours; using the colourblind palette. If you are colourblind, please let me know if this works for you.

My plan is to release all the more important maps (historical ones in particular) in the colourblind palette, but also do each map in the regular palette. I can't guarantee every projection map will have a colourblind duplicate, but the important ones should.

I also do tables/graphics from time to time and would like some feedback on that as well. Please let me know your thoughts on how I can improve those as well.

Lastly, if you are visually impaired and use a device to help you read/see the internet, let me know ways I can improve sharing data with you.

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  1. It works for the more common types, but you'll run into problems if you have to add any more colours, and it also doesn't work for one type of colourblindness, achromatopsia, even though that is very rare. The solution is not to rely on colour alone. You're using difference in contrast well in the most part but there are some which are similar in contrast (liberal / other). So using pattern/texture as well as colour is best way, that's a one size fits all solution.