Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trudeau the Sexist, Part 2

There is yet another Justin Trudeau controversy about these days that involve women and sexism. The first one, if you recall, was whether or not Justin's "striptease" event for a charity constituted a sexist practice on his part - or at least that is how several female Conservative MPs tried to spin it after their party's ad featuring the event started to backfire, despite one such MP being in attendance.

The new controversy doesn't even originate from something Justin did, but rather what he was the star of. An invitation for an event billed as Justin "unplugged" for a "ladies' night" event didn't go over so well, with its Warhol-esque pattern of JT's face and fancy curvy writing, and some fairly fluffy questions that didn't necessarily speak to the more intellectual side of people.

Its been called sexist and demeaning, showing that JT and the Liberals are treating female supporters as nothing more than people to be "talked down to." Other noteworthy people, such as NDP MP Megan Leslie, went on a weird rants about pants and driving cars and such, and how all issues are "women's issues," as if the ad just cams out of a 1890's printing press.

I don't necessarily see it, but I'm also an uncouth white male and fully admit to my ignorance of this kind of stuff. Does the ad or the event have sexist undertones? I dunno, personally I think it might just be in the eye of the beholder. The event was a great success, after all.

I do think that much of the backlash is purely political though. The event is fairly obvious a focus on allowing women - still an underrepresented demographic in this country - to air their concerns to the most popular federal political leader. As Leslie's rant correctly noted, women are concerned about a whole range of issues, and this event allowed them to show that. Its evident in the fact that we now have this new controversy about JT's China remarks. Anyone that gets hung up on the optics of the invitation is missing the point entirely at best, attempting to misdirect at worst.

Correct me if I'm wrong as well, but isn't feminism really more concerned about making real progress for women's rights and concerns in the modern world? Or did the movement really become bogged down over frivolities like this?

Maybe it depends on your political positions. Let's take Michelle Rempel's, for instance. She has focused much on the event invitation, and the Twitter backlash against her is unbelievably wretched, allowing her to push her point more. But when did Rempel stand up and say that the Harper government's position on providing safe abortions for female victims of war rape was wrong? Where is Rempel on the Conservative's lack of action on equal pay for equal work? Why hasn't she made a comment on the lack of gender parity on the Supreme Court?

Where is Michelle Rempel when women in Canada, and in the world, demand real progress be made, as Harper and co. drag their feet? She's spending her time nitpicking over a meaningless flyer with pastel colours and cursive writing. Some priorities there.

I don't buy it, neither from Rempel nor from Leslie, or any of these other politicos for that matter. It reeks of political opportunism, a chance to smear Trudeau - not real concern over the status of women in politics or the country as a whole. Its like when Palin or Bachmann say they face attacks because they're female, when you know neither of them will stand up and support women's rights in any significant way. Its just politics to them.

But maybe I'm wrong - maybe this one ad from one event that will likely not be repeated is what really matters to women. Pft.


  1. LOL

  2. Kyle, are you sure the event was a great success given that Trudeau's China comments are the only thing being covered from it in the media?

    1. Fundraising wise, it appears to have been.

  3. part 2 is turning into a lot more than just Cons whining:

    Sheng held a news conference in Toronto on Saturday to denounce the controversial comments Trudeau made during a fundraiser Thursday.
    "We do want Mr. Trudeau to have a public apology, and also we want him to schedule a time to meet with us," said Sheng Xue, who moved to Canada shortly after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989...

    "If he really means what he said "¦ seemingly he must be one of the Chinese versions of useful idiot," said Kyung Lee, chairman of the Council for Human Rights in North Korea. "I hope he simply misspoke."

    1. I don't want to call people overly sensitive, especially since I've never lived in China, but...

      The fact is that every serious person these days recognizes the "advantages" of the Chinese model. They are pretty much in ascendancy right now, especially as many Western nations get caught up in democratic gridlock. To deny the progress we see being made in the Chinese system is to purposefully blind ourselves. Its just a fact of reality, and personally I have no problem with someone noting it.

      While the optics are a bit troubling, though all three partied have the same position, I'm not sure the Chinese community frankly cares that much. They are not like the Cubans in the US, who have a visceral hatred for that regime.

    2. The Question is not "Why does Justin Trudeau love China because the question is ridicules, He lives China in his bones, every breath he takes and he's not going to stand and defend that he actually does love Canada. But will Justin Trudeau fight with his very last breath to make sure that China is the China he knows it can be? Absolutely."
      Also how does he not know about the Yukon liberal party he has met its leader?

    3. I don't understand the first part of your comment. Are you saying Justin Trudeau loves China and will defend China? Or what?

      Also, I'm not sure anyone really knows much about the Yukon Liberal Party. It only has one current member to begin with, and second, it isn't affiliated with the national party.