Friday, November 1, 2013

New maps!

I'm still tinkering with the ElectoMatic, but I decided to go ahead and put out the new riding maps now. I still hope to have the ElectoMatic finished by this evening, but it may be delayed by a day.

If you click "View Image" you should be able to see the entire pic.

I've also added a template explaining the colour choices.

To help people finding it, I'll include the following: Teddy Boragina colour template, thenewteddy map template, map colour palette, canada map colors, Colour Template Sheet.

This will help for those who wish to find the above template using google.

These maps are free for use. They come pre-coloured with the transposition from the last election. Feel free to play around with them at your own leisure. The simplest way to edit the maps is in Microsoft Paint. Save the image as a PNG to keep the quality. GIF files tend to degrade colour quality and JPEGs can eat up various pixels. BMP files tend to be very large in terms of size. PNG files are the best to use for editing and uploading.

I will allow this to go behind a paywall on the following conditions:
1 - It's a media website - by that I mean mainstream like the CBC, CTV, Sun News, etc.
2 - It's in relation to a story about the transposed ridings
3 - It's put on the website between 31JAN2014 and 04FEB2014


  1. To access these images on chrome for editing, do the following.

    Click the image to zoom in.
    Right-click and choose "open image in new tab"
    Right-click and choose "save image as"
    Go to your now downloaded image and open in paint
    Edit as desired.

    1. I can be contacted by adding an "at hotmail dot com" after my username - in case anyone wants to talk about using these images. Generally I'll say yes, except behind paywalls, but am making a one-time exception for the media reporting on the transposition of ridings. They can even edit out my name, but, I'd really like some credit at least!

  2. How many electomatics do you have?

  3. Now that we have the official results from Elections Canada, I am updating a few ridings that were incorrect - example, a 9 vote victory for the NDP in Montmagny was originally displayed as a similarly narrow victory for the Conservatives.