Friday, November 1, 2013

A Story of Sad, Small People

Rob Ford is, more or less, going to lose his job as Mayor of Toronto. If not in title, then at the very least in confidence; he has lost the support of his biggest pushers, who themselves have decided to try and curl up saying how it was Ford that failed them, when the fact is that it is they who failed Toronto.

Case and point is with Sue-Ann Levy, the Toronto Sun's former Municipal Affairs reporter, and generally unpleasant person. Levy attempted to half-run away from her support of Ford today, saying that he lost her trust - why Levy never thought before to possibly take a step back and take stock of the entire situation, given the plentiful warning signs we've seen from Ford over the last few months (not to mention years) is not something she takes care to explain. Instead Levy continues to attack "left-wing pundits" while bemoaning how she could be betrayed by her former hero. Yes, Sue-Ann - its all Ford's doing, and you never played the willing distraction to his antics.

Sue-Ann's brand of willing blindness is just part of the reason that traditional media is doomed, along with many of her Sun colleagues. The National Post's Christie Blatchford, as much as she tries to be, is no better. Her recent article (where I took this post's title from) also had a similar article where she notes that yeah, Ford's bad, but you're all hypocrites too! She is of course no better, trying several times to get the focus off Ford (such as in this article), though at the very least she decided to be sensible and flip-flop through it. Small people indeed.

What happens now? Ford probably won't go quietly, and neither will the so-called "Ford Nation." When that base does end up forming a solid core, I would bet on the likes of Levy and Blatchford, desperate to sell more copies of their newspapers, will do another flip and support the poor embattled Rob Ford, who just has a substance abuse problem you know. The Star - who have turned out to be right about pretty much everything - are just left-wing media punditry with a bully streak!

The story is far from over, and the small people are far learning how to grow up.

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  1. Without the Toronto seats, Harper would not have a majority right now. How much of that does he owe to Ford?