Friday, October 4, 2013

PEI Tories Collapse Around Themselves

Within two days, the PEI Progressive Conservatives, who governed their tiny province with a super majority just six years ago, lost two-fifths of their party caucus.

First, on October 3rd, their only western PEI MLA Hal Perry crossed the floor to the Liberals, supposedly doing so because he disagreed with the PC's reluctance to criticize the federal Conservative's changes to EI. Then today, former leader and their only female caucus member, Olive Crane, was kicked out of the party by interim party leader Steven Myers for... well, apparently no one knows, not even Crane, though this line - “Unfortunately promises were made that were broken yesterday..." - probably relates to something to do with Perry's leaving caucus, and how Crane reacted or figured into that.

What the heck is going on with this party, ostensibly supposed to be the Official Opposition? Did all the sanity leave with Pat Binns?

The Tories on PEI were already in trouble, emphasized by the release of this quarter's CRA poll. The PCs are continuing to fall behind the usually useless Island New Democrats who are rising in the polls, though not quite challenging the dominance of the governing Ghiz Liberals yet.

So does it really seem wise for Myers to court this kind of press? Perry's leaving was bad enough, but now quite literally, their only experienced caucus member has been kicked out of the party. Myers, along with MLAs James Aylward and Colin LaVie, were all elected in 2011, while Crane has been in the Assembly since 2006. It is quite literally now amateur hour, and this party would need to hope for the biggest of all scandals to strike Ghiz and possibly the NDP to become legitimate contenders again.

Or, at the very least, get rid of Myers, who seems apt to shooting himself in the foot.


  1. Harper should pretty much kill all right-wing political parties by the time he's booted out. I for one can hardly wait.

  2. This is just a continuation of this and hopefully the end of it.

    1. The above pitted Perry and Crane (with the backing of the Executive) against the other 3 MLAs

    2. I did a bit more research - it seems that the Executive backed Crane, but the Council backed Meyers. This is one of the reasons (it seems) the party has split so badly.