Thursday, October 31, 2013

Good News on the Fundraising Front

I don't think we can throw Stephen Bronfman a parade quite yet, but this quarter's fundraising totals for the federal parties have some good news in store for the Liberals.

Q3 Fundraising Report (from Pundit's Guide):
Conservative: $3.43-million from 28,968 donors
Liberal Party: $2.17-million from 30,108 donors
New Democratic: $1.52-million from 21,788 donors
Green Party: $354,800 from 4,722 donors
Bloc Québécois: $43,90 from 554 donors

While the Conservatives managed to raise almost as much as both the main Opposition parties combined, the numbers from the previous quarters are definitely up for the Liberals, For example, compared to 2012's Q3 fundraising, the Liberals managed to raise almost a million dollars more from an extra 10,000 donors. This represents our best Q3 fundraising since recording began in 2006. This is also the second quarter in a row that we've had more donors than the Conservatives (in Q2 we had 38,000 donors to the Con's 30,437), another feat we haven't managed since 2006.

Though HuffPo and others have started to crow about this, the Conservatives haven't really seen much change, and neither have the NDP. Both of them posted fairly average numbers, so its really only the Liberals who seem to be the exceptional party here.

One sign of the party's vitality is their fundraising, and all three parties seem to be doing relatively well. We'll see if the Liberals can keep up this powerhouse fundraising effort into the new year - if we do, I'll be Bronfman's parade marshal.


  1. The Bloc had begun to rely to the subsidy, they will need to up their game if they plan to compete.

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