Friday, October 4, 2013

Australia finishes counting

There are still recounts, of course, but, in general, counting is finally done.

Note that previously elected Senators also appear in the table, this explains the 1 "other" in Victoria.

A few things that caught my attention:
1 - The L/NP managed to win the 2PP in every state.
2 - Every state now has a Senator from a smaller party (as opposed to the big 3)
3 - The PUP has good geographic distribution of Senators; Northeast, Southeast, and West.
4 - Labor will need the Greens if they plan a long-term resurgence.
5 - If they maintain party discipline, the PUP can hold some semblance of veto power in the Senate.

1 comment:

  1. 1- the 2pp count has been completed in 139 divisions only. when missing division will be added tasmania will flip to alp (denison missing) while victoria remains uncertain (2 rural conservative and 3 urban left-wing divisions)