Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trudeau Can't Hold Up to a Debate, eh?

This video is absolutely brilliant. Yeah, I know she isn't exactly the seasoned debater like Harper or Mulcair, but I definitely liked how he laid things out and took control when it became clear this woman wasn't listening.


This woman (I keep forgetting her name, sorry) also apparently has ties to Vic Toews, though that doesn't really mean anything one way or the other considering that he is retired now. But suffice to say, she was sufficiently owned by Trudeau. I'm sure some Blogging Tories are going to nanner about how he was "talking down" to her - I see it as him taking control of an argument because its clear if he didn't, this woman wouldn't have gotten a scintilla of what he was talking about through to her brain (not sure she did even in the end, mind you). That is what you need to do in order to be an effective debater - get your opponents away from arguments that just go round in circles and hammer home your points effectively.


  1. those nattering nellies of the CON group can please show us to a similar example of decorum and directness, while showing extreme patience, with someone who disagrees with him? After he's had his troops scour people's facebook pages and avoided real people, i doubt you'll see Harper in any kind of situation that shows a human side.

    1. Exactly, rockfish. This is something we should continually hammer home - the difference in leadership styles, the difference in how these guys connect with Canadians, and just how stark it is. Many Canadians, even the Conservative ones, aren't impressed with Harper's closed-off and autocratic style of governance. If we give them a viable option different from that, they'll take us seriously again.

  2. Nice! I've been a bit worried that in a situation like this Justin could wind up with a Pierre type comment/gesture. He keeps impressing me.