Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This is Why You Should Know the Rules First...

... before running for office. If you did, then this silly situation wouldn't happen.

Liberal Toronto Centre by-election candidate Diana Burke, who I'm sure is a fine candidate for office on her own merits, is making a fairly unjustified request of the Party that the membership cut-off for voters in the candidate nomination be extended because, quite frankly, she nor her campaign apparently bothered to read the rules before they signed up.

The cut-off date for eligible voters was August 20th, a date which was well known. In fairness to Burke, she did only launch her campaign on August 13th, just seven days prior to the cut-off - not exactly a lot of time to gather all your supporters. But guess what? That is your own problem, not the Party's and certainly not Chrystia Freeland's or Todd Ross'.

I do understand there is some confusion about why the date was set. Its hilariously confusing, and if you want to really look into it, you'll want to check out this LPC(O) document (relevant portion is Section 9.5), this LPC document, as well as the LPC Constitution, Chapter 16 or specifically Section 67. I'm sure the LPC(O) constitution says something about it somewhere as well, though all I saw were rules relating to the Executive.

But the short of it is that the riding has the power to set the date for the cut-off of eligible voting members, subject to some subjective criteria as well as oversight from the LPC(O). The Toronto Centre Liberals fell completely within the guidelines set out by the Party, and all parties should have been well informed about the cut-off date. If Diana Burke and this "long-time Liberal organizer" named Ray Heard, who apparently signed up as a member after Aug. 20th and thus I question his loyalty anyways, didn't bother to keep their ears open, well, they're out of luck and sympathy. Next time, don't announce so late.

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  1. what is your thought of the liberals picking the fifteenth after the NDP picking the same day for their nominations