Friday, September 27, 2013

Nova Scotia Liberals Hit 56%

If you followed the election debate in Nova Scotia the other day, as well as some of my comments on Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil's performance, you may and I definitely didn't think this would be happening:

Even the day after the debate showed the Liberals building upon their already substantial lead, going from a 10% lead at the beginning of the campaign to 19% now. McNeil retains a similarly healthy lead among those asked to choose who their choice for Best Premier is.

Clearly McNeil's appeal either goes far beyond what I thought was a mediocre-at-best performance, or there is something I'm not getting about the issues he is talking about, a lot of them which revolve around Nova Scotia's particular political issues. Either is a very good possibility.

On those numbers, the Liberals would win 42 seats to the NDP's 6, and just 3 Progressive Conservatives.


  1. The NS Libs are a one-trick campaigning pony using electrical rates as their wedge weapon of choice. They've been brilliant at convincing Nova Scotians that power rates are out of control when in fact the price for paying for electricity is more than affordable. If prices have crept up 30% (I doubt that number), it is largely due to the fact rates were kept artificially low for years. Our $130 bi-monthly bill for an older, two-story home is hardly unreasonable. And that's in the colder months! Will Stephen McNeil (and his annoying power bill pit-bull, Zach Churchill -- my MLA) be successful with their power bill jihad? Probably. They won't get my vote over it. I'm not an NDP partisan, but I feel Dexter has done a competent job and are deserving of another four years in government.

    1. Good luck with an NDP vote in Yarmouth, you may actually help them top 10%!

    2. No fucking shit. Out here in the tribal areas of NS the electorate isn't exactly known for its political acumen. Our current MLA a prime example.

    3. Ah well. To be honest, I think the NDP are likely to make a much better showing than the polls currently point them at - 30-35% or thereabouts. Take solace in that.