Sunday, September 29, 2013

More International Elections

Austria held it's vote today and the results are as follows.

53 - Social Democrats
46 - People's Party (Conservative)
99 - Governing Coalition (two parties listed above)

42 - Freedom Party (Right-Nationalist)
22 - Green Party
11 - Team (Frank) Stronach
9 - NEOS (Liberal)

The german elections held last week were more difficult to determine.

Merkel's CDU was able to capture just under half the seats, while the SPD and Greens are unwilling to sit with the Left. This means the CDU is currently talking to the SPD and/or Greens about forming a coalition.

Results are as follows:

311 - CDU/CSU
192 - SPD
64 - Left
63 - Green

Australia meanwhile is still counting ballots, and, will probably be counting ballots for some time to come. The only significant change is the PUP is now sitting on 3 Senate seats.

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