Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Australian conservatives to win Saturday's election

Teddy again with a post about the coming Australian election.

For those interested, the election (results coverage) starts at 4am (Toronto time) Saturday. I will be watching.

Polls have stabilized showing the conservative Liberal-National coalition having a lead of around 4 points. In addition, the lead the L/NP has in certain areas all but guarantees a solid victory.

My projection is as follows:

The only place where Labor has a chance of gaining (or at least, not losing so terribly) is in Queensland, where Kevin Rudd is from.

Labor is at risk of being shut out of Western Australia. This has never happened before. Parties have been shut out of the Territories and of Tasmania, but never any state larger (that I've been able to find) If Labor is shut out of WA it would mean there is a huge swath of land without a Labor member.

The L/NP leader, Tony Abbott is likely to become Prime Minister. Abbott has the potential to be the most right-wing Prime Minister of the country, having positioned himself as a solid fiscal conservative, and having espoused socially-conservative views from time to time. All in all, my read of the man is that he is very similar to Harper.


  1. How are you planning to watch the election? Can you live stream Australian television?

  2. and other things at ABC will help

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