Thursday, May 16, 2013

UPDATED: Why is Duffy Still a Conservative Senator?

Poor Mike Duffy. The former CTV broadcaster known for his jovial presence has had a real hard time managing his profile ever since he joined Harper's Conservative Senate. The star fundraiser known for exactly nothing outside of being loud and kind of annoying on TV - I like to consider him the Kim Kardashian of Conservative politics - has had the reputation of a blowhard for a long time, including royally pissing off St├ęphane Dion at one point for his Fox News-esque "fair and balanced" interviews. I suppose that is what gets him accolades from sycophantic Conservatives eager for that little touch of star power to show up in their ridings.

But now, with the current controversy, he's becoming known as a blowhard and an arrogant fraudster. He essentially defrauded the Canadian taxpayers of tens of thousands of dollars because he made the conscience decision to falsely claim his primary residence on PEI. How do I know he did this on purpose? Its pretty damn obvious, what with the refusal to work with auditors, and then the follow-up controversy we're dealing with now, whereby Duffy asked the Conservatives to reimburse him for his stolen money so he could pay off the authorities. He got that money, by the way, from PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright, meaning that it is almost 100% certain that it was approved by Stephen Harper himself, how could it not be?

Here's what I don't get, however - why would the Conservatives stick by this fool to such a degree that he has started to drag down the entire Party with him? Why would they not ask Duffy to leave, or force him out of, the Conservative Senate caucus? Marjory LeBreton has stuck by Duffy so much you'd think he was the one actually in the Senate Leader's position and she was just a loyal soldier.

Does he really bring it that much money for the Conservatives through fundraising? Or have the Conservatives invested themselves so much into trying to reverse Duffy's collapsing reputation that they can't back out now? They're taking so much egg on the face because of this guy, I just don't get it.


Apparently, Duffy no longer is part of the Conservative caucus. Excellent, but why he should remain a Senator at all is still a question that needs answering.


  1. I say we need Duffy around for a least six more months to thoroughly infuse these so-called Conservatives with the stench of scandal that they so richly deserve. Then he can resign just as all the Pamela Wallin crap starts floating to the top of the Conservative cesspool.

    No need to post this part. Just a proofing comment.

    "… he made the conscious decision …"

  2. After today, I bet they will cut him loose.

  3. He's not a Conservative senator anymore. Sadly, still a senator though.

  4. He is still a Senator because he cannot lose his job unless he dies, ages out or resigns. He has a long way to go before he ages out and he had been fishing for a Senate seat for over a decade before Stephen Harper finally appointed him so he will not resign.