Friday, May 31, 2013

Time for the Toronto Police to Get Involved in Rob Ford's Business

I am sure I'm not the first person to think or say this, but no matter whether or not the alleged video of Rob Ford smoking crack exists, there are very clear indications that Rob Ford has associated very recently, within his term, with known drug dealers. Reading stories like this, you can start drawing some fairly clear lines between Ford and some of these gang members, all the more so if the video turns out to be real which, as Ford has pretty much implied by some statements in private, it does.

So, not only do we have this scandal with the video going on, but there is also the very serious issue of Rob Ford and his associations here. I'm not saying he has done anything wrong, but one has to ask whether or not Rob Ford could have used his influence as a Toronto City Councilor or as Mayor to help known drug dealers and gang members. Given the things that have come out of this saga, it is a serious concern - and it is something the Toronto Police must investigate. If only to clear Ford's name, something needs to be done. Our largest and most influential city cannot stand to allow someone like this, if any of the accusations are true, to sit in the mayor's chair.

I'm not from Toronto nor am I a lawyer, so I don't know how these things really work, but if you're from the city I'd ask you to contact the Toronto Police and encourage them to investigate. If we raise enough noise, then maybe they'll get involved.

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