Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rob Ford Should Resign to Spare Us All the Expense

I've said it before: Rob Ford, no matter if you agree with his politics, is the worst mayor Toronto could have ever managed to find.

He is not only a bully in his own right, but he is the source of major division on City Council just by virtue of being himself. He doesn't understand that the position of mayor is supposed to lead Council in its deliberations and governance, not constantly antagonize your colleagues. This is a consensus system more than an adversarial one - they make progress on municipal councils because they work together, not because they beat each other up constantly.

But that is just in addition to the constant remarks and stupid actions that come from this man. I don't know whether or not the crack cocaine allegations are true, but here are some things we know he's done:
- he's been caught with marijuana in his car.
- he's been caught driving irresponsibly, even flipping off other drivers.
- he has made horrible remarks about his own high school football team, causing him to get kicked out of the coaching job.
- he has refused not just once, but twice, to participate in Toronto's Gay Pride Parade, sending the clear signal that he does not feel the LGBT community is apart of his city.
- he has been convicted of a conflict-of-interest in regards to municipal funding going to his football charity, and says there was nothing wrong with it.
- he brought in some nutbar to his inauguration that called opponents "left-wing pinkos," clearly setting the tone up for his tenure at City Hall.
- he tried to call the cops on a comedian
- he has his own page on the Globe and Mail about his controversies!

Even Conrad Black, a hilariously corrupt conservative personality, thinks the guy is bringing the city downhill! Conrad bloody Black!

How does this man continue to get a free ride from Torontonians, especially the ones out in the suburbs? I grew up in the suburbs, including in Etobicoke, and I think this man is insane. No one else sees this?

Enough is enough. The best thing Ford can do right now is resign, or at the very least refuse to run for re-election. Let his brother or Doug Holyday for the one-step-slightly-less-insane Giorgio Mammoliti carry the conservative banner instead. Any of these people would be better for Toronto than Ford. Spare us the expense of having to deal with this buffoon any longer, please.


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