Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Harper Asks the Corrupt to Leave the Room, Then He Leaves the Room

Or so I paraphrase one intelligent commenter on a Winnipeg Free Press article.

How the hell did we get here?

I remember just a few short months ago, the federal Conservatives were continuing to look practically unassailable. Sure, there were tiny fires here and there, but nothing life-threatening for Harper's crew. We bitch and moan here on the Opposition about how the Harper Government is an unaccountable hot mess from whence only EAP ads and spending cuts issue out from. We said that back in 2008, and 2011, and we got nowhere. It seems like no one was listening.

Now, with the Duffster Fraudster scandal that took down his Chief of Staff, it almost seems like we may be on the cusp of something big here. Canadians understand why this was wrong. They understand how Harper has contradicted himself on this issue. They knew he's refused to answer us in a straightforward manner. Even his loyal MPs are starting to crack, if John Ivison is correct.

Is the death by a thousand cuts metaphor finally starting to catch up to Harper's Conservatives? Are Canadians finally starting to see what we've seen this entire time?

God, I hope so.

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