Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anti-Choice Activists Target Con MPs Who Voted Against M-312

And I say, bring it on, jerks.

I am lucky to live in one of the ridings represented by the 75ish Conservative MPs that voted against Stephen Woodworth's motion to try and re-open the abortion debate in Canada through a somewhat underhanded back channel. Mike Wallace, despite being little more than a mouthpiece for Harper here in Burlington, is not a social conservative as some of his colleagues are. Yes, he voted "yea" on Harper's 2006 attempt to claw back same-sex marriage, but his reasoning is something I actually kind of agree with:
"The results came back tied." "Results have 52% in favour of marriage and 49% wanting to reopen the debate. I will be voting to reopen but with the purpose of getting the government out of the business of marriage altogehter [sic]. I want to leave it to churches and the government provide everyone a civil union for everyone. United Church does marry gay couples in some churches in Burlington and I am not wantimng [sic] to stop this"
I can understand that sentiment, even if I disagree with the decision to reopen as the best route to go. Good on you, sort of, Mike.

Anyways, when I saw that the hilariously named "Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform," which I assume is affiliated with their very similarly named American counterparts, would be targeting Michelle Rempel's riding in Calgary Centre-North with leaflets, I saw this as a wonderful challenge for our MP here in Burlington.

Honestly, what better way to show these misogynistic, anti-scientific, anti-choice idiots that we in the saner spectrum will put aside our partisan stripes to support our member that makes the right decision in this case? What better way to show they can't win by bringing together everyone and saying that they're the ones who are outnumbered here, not us, and sending graphic, disturbing cards to our doors won't work.

Seriously, if you have a Conservative MP and they're being targeted by this group for their vote against M-312, seriously consider sending these idiots a message. Whether its by sending a response to the Centre itself, or simply sending a message to your MP saying that you'll stand with them against these kinds of attacks by this group, you can do your part. I think its worth it in the end. We need to show these MPs that they were right to cast that "nay" vote, and that they have the people's backing in this instance.


  1. I would never vote for this Remple lady but I do sincerely respect her stance on pro-choice. She is a women and she supports a women’s right to choose. The picture in the background is pure propaganda and clearly photoshopped. No pregnancy that is ended even looks anything like this. I know many women who have had many abortions and it is a very respectable, professional and dignified medical procedure.

    1. Exactly why we need to stop this kind of crap, and how these anti-choicers scare tactics don't work. I'd never vote for Wallace, but I will back him on this.