Monday, April 15, 2013

The Crazy Day After

Today is going to be kind of a busy day for Liberals across the country, as there are several relatively big events going on at the same time. I'll be covering at least a couple of them in at least some capacity.

First off, of course, is figuring out what we do now. With Justin elected as our new federal Liberal leader, his first day in the House of Commons will be analyzed every way possible, including the much-hyped Question Period today at 2:15pm Eastern - including by me. I'm also going to *try* and finish off getting the raw vote numbers down for the race, though this could take me awhile in all honesty. I'll be collating all the results data into a PDF file that, for anyone interested, I'll make available for download. Also along those lines, Earl Washburn created a wonderful thematic map at his website that gives detail into how the race went down, for all you visual learners out there.

Second, its election time in British Columbia! Voters on the Left Coast will be going to the polls in a month and a bit, passing judgement on the decade or so of Liberal governance in the province. By all accounts, that judgement will be a wrathful one. My BC Projections page will continue to be updated and I'll be covering all the polls from here until E-day to the best of my ability, alongside some commentary. If you're interested in following someone on Twitter who is very attentive/close to the BC Liberal campaign, give a look at Diamond Isinger's feed, she's got tonnes of useful tidbits on there.

Third, it is by-election day in Kent, New Brunswick, where NB Liberal Leader Brian Gallant will attempt to get into the legislature. As I said during my Look at Kent post, there is no reason to expect Gallant will do anything but sweep Kent's communities today, but this is a by-election and Gallant is an untested and never-before-elected leader. Anything is bound to happen. Also in by-election news, Abacus Data will be bringing out a new poll for Labrador, which I'll be covering once I see it published.

Finally, in wild card status is the growing situation in Venezuela. For those not in the know, Hugo Chavez' handpicked successor Nicolas Maduro has claimed the slimmest of slim victories, winning over opposition candidate Henry Capriles by just 300,000 votes, or about 1-point and a bit. Capriles has said he is refusing to accept the results due to reports of irregularities. No one seems very sure whether or not Capriles will back down, or if the Venezuelan's election commission can be trusted. Our very own Jim Karygiannis is actually in Caracas, and said that outside of a few glitches he and other election overseers didn't see anything untoward - nevertheless, keep an eye on his Twitter feed for updates.

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